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DPOR Continuing Education Credit FAQs

If I take surplus CE, can I credit it to my next license cycle?

If you have taken extra CE hours in the last 6 months of your license period, then those could be eligible to be “carry-overed” into your next licensed period. These would appear on DPOR as “surplus hours” when looking at your continuing education.

DPOR has a Carry-over hour form to complete and submit to them here. You must first renew your license and then fill out the form to DPOR. It is up to DPOR’s discretion on what hours they will carry over. 


If I take a 6 hour contract class, but I only need 1 hour of Contracts with DPOR, then where do those extra 5 hours go?

Any extra mandatory hours in a category will fall into the “Real Estate Related” category.

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  • 20-Jan-2023