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NAR Triennial Ethics FAQs

Is my Ethics requirement with DPOR the same thing as my triennial ethics requirement with NAR?


No. They are two separate requirements. However, the same ethics class can be used to satisfy both requirements at the same time. For example, our CE Mandatory Hours Agency and Ethics class satisfies both the DPOR license requirement and the NAR Triennial Ethics.


Please note, not all Ethics courses satisfy the NAR Triennial Ethics. The class must cover NAR’s Code of Ethics. You must send us the certificate of the completed Ethics course for us to report it to NAR. You can learn more about NAR’s code of ethics here.


I took my Ethics class with another school and it is on DPOR, why is it not on NAR?


Real Estate Schools only send your credit information to DPOR, they do not send anything to NAR. DPOR also does not send any information to NAR. Only your primary Local REALTOR Association can send the Ethics completion to NAR. You must send us a completed Ethics Certificate for us to report the completion date to NAR. You can learn more about NAR’s code of ethics here.

When is the next NAR (Triennial) Ethics Deadline


We are currently in Cycle 7 of the NAR Ethics requirement.  Cycle 7 begins January 1, 2022 and ends on December 31, 2024.  Therefor you must complete an approved ethics course prior to December 31, 2024 to be in compliance with this mandatory requirement.  

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