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2024 REALTOR Dues Billing - FAQs


How do I renew online?

Dues can be submitted securely online through your Member Hub portal, which you can access from the MLS Dashboard or through the Member Account tab on our website at Current balances will show on your landing page with a Pay Now shortcut where you can select the invoice, then choose Payment Options. You will immediately receive a receipt once payment is successful.

Can I make partial payments with multiple types of payment?

Online payments cannot be split over multiple payment sources.  You can submit payment in full online with a debit/credit card.  Payments made by check or money order can be sent to the Association office.  If you have any questions about payments, please contact us at (804) 422-5000.

Why do I have a balance?  Don’t you have my credit card on file?

To ensure that you have an active credit card on file, check your credit card information in your member account.   If your member account shows a balance, either your card on file has failed to process, or the card on file has not been selected to automatically pay this type of invoice.   

How can I update my card to have these dues automatically withdrawn?

To set up auto-pay, log into your Member Account to update or add payment information.  When logged in, select My Billing Info on the left side menu of the main menu page.  Once there, Autopay & Billing to add a payment profile.  Scroll to the bottom on the next page to select Autopayment Choices.

You must select “Manage Autopay” and attach your saved card to the appropriate membership billing. 

Can I pay for my spouse or a teammate’s dues?

Yes, we can process a one-time payment over the phone for someone else. Alternatively, you can add your card information to your teammate’s member account portal for auto draft. (See the preceding FAQ for detailed instructions).

Do I have to pay the RPAC voluntary contribution?

The REALTOR® Political Action Committee contribution is voluntary. You can increase or decrease the amount of your contribution or make a contribution at another time.

What is my password?

RAR does not store your password, therefore we can’t provide you your password if you’ve forgotten it.  Utilize the Forgot Password feature on the log-in page if you do not know your password. You will receive your password by email automatically within a few minutes.

Be sure your email address is current. You can make a request to update your email address to [email protected] if you need to change your email.

Do I have to pay VAR and NAR dues?

REALTOR membership includes membership to the Virginia REALTOR® association and the National Association of REALTORS. Unless another REALTOR® association collects your VAR and NAR dues, you will see them on your dues invoice.

What is the NAR assessment fee?

The NAR Assessment is a mandatory assessment for NAR’s Consumer Advertising Campaign (formerly known as Public Awareness campaign), a national campaign to increase and strengthen public awareness of a REALTOR’s value.  The annual assessment is billed to all active REALTOR members at the time of our annual dues billing.  This assessment is a deductible expense.

If I pay my 2024 dues now and choose to terminate my membership, do I get a refund?

Prepaid dues can be refunded back to the original form of payment if the request is submitted via email to [email protected] prior to December 31st. After December 31st,your 2024 dues cannot be refunded.

What happens if I don’t want to renew my membership?

If you are not renewing your membership but want to keep your license active in your current firm, please refer to your broker’s office policy regarding REALTOR membership.  Brokers’ dues include assessments for non-REALTOR agents, so it’s important to know your broker’s policy regarding REALTOR membership.

Does my broker get penalized if I don’t renew my REALTOR® membership?

Brokers’ dues include an assessment for any non-REALTOR agent, so talk to your broker if you are not planning on renewing your REALTOR membership.

When is my membership renewal due?

Annual Dues are posted to your account in October and are due by October 31st

If your REALTOR membership is not renewed for the subsequent year, membership will terminate on December 31st.  Reinstating your membership after termination will include additional application fees in addition to your annual dues. 

I don’t read my emails. Can I get a bill mailed to me?

All invoices  are posted to your member account.  Reminders are sent via email and in numerous other communications (like eNews).  We also recommend you check your Member Hub to see any outstanding balances. 




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