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Steps for Transferring to a New Firm

Transferring to a new firm but keeping your RAR/CVR MLS memberships?  Please follow these instructions for a smooth transition:


  • Your transfer application must be submitted to DPOR before you can submit your transfer application to RAR/CVR MLS.
  • Once you’ve submitted DPOR’s form and notified your previous broker, you and your new broker should complete the RAR/CVR MLS Transfer Firm Affiliation form.


    • TIP:  The Transfer Affiliation form should include your new firm information and your new broker will need to sign the form.


  • Submit your completed, signed form to [email protected].  We will process your form within one business day. 


    • Please note that most related systems (Matrix, ShowingTime) will be updated as soon as we process your form, but some systems, like TransactionDesk (Instanet) may take up to 24 hours.


  • There is an $80 charge for each transfer.  The RAR / CVR MLS Member Services team will email the invoice with a secure payment link to the appropriate party.  The invoice must be paid within the month of transfer. 


  • Active, Temp Withdrawn and Pending listings in Matrix. 


    • Please discuss the disposition of your active and temp withdrawn listings with your former broker.  Listings do not automatically transfer with you. 
    • If you are taking your active or temp withdrawn listing(s) with you to your new firm, please provide the MLS team at [email protected] the signed transfer, assignment or proper documentation signed by the seller, your former broker and your new broker so we may transfer the existing listing. 
    • If you are releasing the listing and reentering it with a new listing agreement with your new firm, please be sure that your former broker signs the Release and releases the listing in Matrix before you enter the new listing. 
    • If the CVR MLS team does not receive any direction on your active or temp withdrawn listings within ten (10) days of your transfer, the listing will be updated to reflect your former broker as the listing agent. 
    • Pending listings typically remain under the former broker’s firm.  If the pending listing is following you to your new firm, please have your former broker contact the CVR MLS team. 
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