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Setting Up Auto Billing in your Member Hub

  • On the Member Hub Home page, go to the My Billing menu on the left hand side
  • Select the Autopay & Billing tab 
  • Select the Membership Billing you'd like to select for auto-pay and select the "Manage AutoPay" blue button
  • Select the payment profile you'd like to use for your AutoPay.  If you don't have one saved, you can add it now by clicking on the [+] button
  • Once you've added a payment profile and selected it, choose what you'd like to pay:
    • All membership items include required and volunteer (like RPAC and REAP) dues and fees
    • Only Required membership items 
    • You'll see a list of what's included and what's voluntary or required under the membership items
  • Click on Done.


You're all set!  


A few notes:

  • You'll need to perform an Auto-Pay set up for each billed membership
  • Setting up Auto-Pay applies to all future billing and won't pay any current or outstanding invoices.  You'll need to pay those invoices through your Member Hub.